How does it work ?

Invoicing Inventory Management.

For commercial cleaning services, our pricing is based on a rate of $1.25 per square foot, per hour, as outlined in the service contract agreement. Our insights and expertise in the field enable us to provide valuable products and services to our clients.

Scheduling a Booking.

To book our cleaning service.

We offer a fixed rate of $600.00, and there is also a one-time expedite fee of $595.00 to process your request  you will be allocated 4 pre-set hours when you reserve to hire our cleaning service. To create a self-service invoice as simply as 1-2- 3. We will confirm your invoice and description details with you after we have collected a successful payment.

Commercial and Office Cleaning industry, we require some basic information from our clients to create a new invoice, gather necessary forms, and provide digital contracts for signing and dating. This ensures that our cost structure is outlined clearly and allows us to collect the 12% retainer fees for the service agreement, which are refundable and applied to both the Cleaning Agreement and the Services Contract Agreement. 



Step 1

To initiate the processing of your order, we kindly request you to make a payment.

We offer a fixed rate of $600.00 to hire our cleaning service. There is also a one-time expedite fee of $595.00 to process your request. 

Step 2

Prior to signing the agreement and contract terms, we kindly ask you to carefully review the disclaimer. Please note that this is a mutual agreement between all parties involved and the service providers.


Step 3

We provide a self-service checkout option for our cleaning service, which includes features like managing billing and job scheduling, onboarding and inventory management of invoices, setting up collection arrangements, and scheduling automated payments through credit cards.

To book our cleaning service, you can easily schedule a booking through our self-service expedited process. 

Payment for each invoice is expected upon receipt, and all invoices must be settled before utilizing the cleaning service, starting at 5:30 am. The contract agreement requires a 12% retainer fee to be fulfilled.  

Our in-house expedite team will set up your account and review your invoice, billing with  the implementation specialist. When your account is set-up and activated, you will automatically have allocated 4 pre-set hours when you reserve to hire our cleaning service.


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